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Why was Advance CLASS, Inc. created?

Advance CLASS, Inc. seeks to ensure the successful implementation of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act which addresses the need for long-term services and supports across the lifespan. This will be accomplished through education and outreach activities aimed at the Administration and the general public.

How is it governed?

Advance CLASS, Inc. is an independent 501(c)(3) organization that is governed by a broad-based Board. The board has representatives from the various constituencies that supported the passage of the CLASS Act.

Why is it needed?

The Facts:

  • 250 million people lack insurance for their long term services and supports.
  • 10 million Americans need long-term services and supports every day. Forty percent are under 65.
  • Estimates indicate that in the past 12 months, 65.7 million people in the United States served as unpaid family caregivers to an adult or child, representing 36.5 million households
  • Virtually every American family will have to provide long-term services and supports for loved ones.


Who can become a Charter Member?

Only those organizations that were official endorsers of the CLASS Act during the legislative process are being offered the opportunity to be Charter Members of Advance CLASS, Inc.

What are the Benefits and Responsibilities of Charter Membership

Most importantly, a strong membership is needed to protect our ability to be a strong voice in assuring that the CLASS Act is implemented correctly and provides the greatest benefit to people with disabilities, older adults and their caregivers. You will receive timely and accurate information at least every other month about the current status of the implementation of CLASS from Executive Director Dr. Connie Garner. This will come to you through brown bag meetings, conference calls, webinars and written communications. We ask that all Charter Members of Advance CLASS commit to the overall success of the CLASS Act and continue to advocate on behalf of the program. Charter Members are also expected to encourage their employers to offer CLASS on an opt-out basis to their employees when the program in activated.


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Advance CLASS, Inc
Charter Membership Financial Guidelines


Category (based on annual operating budget)

Suggested Contribution

Less than $499,999


$500,000 – $999,999


$1,000,000 - $2,499,999


$2,500,000 - $4,999,999


$5,000,000 – $9,999,999


$10,000,000 – $14,999,999


$15,000,000 - $24,999,999


$25,000,000 - $49,999,999


More than $50,000,000



General Individual Membership

Any person can join Advance CLASS, Inc. by becoming an individual member. By joining as an individual member for $10 annually, you are eligible for any and all of the following benefits: receive quarterly Executive Director-written communication on the progress of implementation and legislative activity related to CLASS; serve as source for CLASS marketing surveys and strategies; receive annual written report; contribute to "A Day in My Life," a new segment of the Advance CLASS, Inc. website that will highlight individual members using stories, videos, and photos; and an invitation to Advance CLASS, Inc. annual event.

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